This is the official distribution/hosting site for Haru Torres「トレス春」
He is a free voicebank for the UTAU program.
Created and distributed since 2013 by tomatetoro.
For an alternative source of distribution, please refer to the UTAU Wiki 2.0.
Use my site button if you'd like!

Update Log

  • 4/30/2024: Added TOU page
  • 4/14/2024: Added site button
  • 4/09/2024: Updated demo .wav
  • 4/08/2024: Site finished! I may re-adjust the homepage later on because I'm not fully content with how it looks but this is a good step.
  • 4/08/2024: Happy 11th anniversary Haru! I can't believe it's officially over 10 years now!